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What Matters

A system that is simple, efficient, and reliable for any company or owner-operator.
Autofill Data

Once your company and employee information are added, documents are pre-filled to save you time.


Our automated notification system will ensure you never miss a filing or requirement.

Quick driver vetting/onboarding

Create driver accounts, send electronic new hire documents and pull MVR in minutes.

Driver App

The built in Driver App makes completing, signing, and storing necessary documents easy.

Useful information for any owner-operator or fleet looking for information on industry regulations, compliance, and tips for the road…

Tutorial videos with detailed explanations on all the most used and useful areas of our software…

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manage the workload so you can focus on growing your business.

Taking control of your DOT safety compliance management has never been this easy.

Managing to stay ahead of DOT safety compliances can be stressful, frustrating and costly. Heavy workload, Excel Spreadsheets, overwhelming staffing data, information that is incorrect, missing or out of date on mandatory forms are now realities of the past.


The FMCSA is required to closely monitor the safety performance of new entrants for 18 months from their receipt of operating authority to decide whether continued operating authority is warranted. Being able to store documents in an organized way and simply print or save to your computer so that you can upload the documents to the audit portal, allows the FMCSA to quickly and efficiently review your company documents at the time of a New Entrant Safety Audit.


You have the power to manage your compliances. However, our job is to provide communication and support through the entire process. Whether it’s learning how to best utilize the software, compliance questions, or audit support… we provide the support you need at no additional cost.


Manage your employees with accuracy and effectiveness from the moment you send them an eDriver Application and new hire paperwork. Manage your company’s and driver’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation requirements with ease by utilizing the free eform’s, due date tracker, integrated calendar system and in-app messenger.


In accordance with 49 CFR section 385.337 49 CFR 385.337, failure to permit a safety audit to be performed may result in the revocation of a New Entrants registration and the operation may be put out of service. Additionally, the refusal to submit to a safety audit may also subject a new entrant motor carrier to the penalty provisions in 49 U.S.C. 521 (b) (2) (A). And we say, fines are not cool, and we want to help you eliminate them from your list of concerns.


The expectation of every motor carrier regulated by the U.S. DOT is that it needs to apply a set of principles, framework, processes and measures to prevent accidents, injuries and other adverse consequences that may be caused by unsafe commercial drivers or unsafe commercial motor vehicles.

As an experienced DOT consortium and motor carrier compliance company, we offer a service that is packed with value and a commitment to keep our customer’s a top priority. We do this as an exchange for your commitment to implementing these Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation’s and keeping our roads safe.

Don’t wait for an audit to be compliant, start now and be prepared.

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