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Features Coming Soon...

Something to look forward too! Here are some future features to get excited about. Have a suggestion? Send us a message, we listen to our users and love to hear how we can improve to make your job easier. To submit your feedback Click Here


With our fuel feature integration keep track of your fuel expenses, get a map of over 600 locations to fuel up and find the best prices to save you money.


With an easy to use interface for drivers and companies receiving live up-to-date details of drivers logs, avoid violations with alerts and generate customized reports by date.


Taking the right route is not just important for safety and compliance, it’s also important to stay on schedule and save you time and money.


With up-to-date weather alerts, you can avoid potential hazards and bad road conditions. With our integration you will be able to check if your route really is the best route to take.


Skip the scale with our weight and bypass integration. This application will allow you to bypass some weigh stations along your route saving you the time and hassle.

Release Notes (Beta) 0.9.8


  • Calendar and Tasking
  • Settings
  • Add Employees
  • Add Inventory
  • Documents
  • Registration Management
  • Drug & Alcohol Consortium
  • Ticket Support


  • Improved Document Fill & Sign system 
  • Live Tutorial Navigation with toggle on/off
  • Improved UI/UX features

Known Issues

  • Document view on Android App


Release Notes (Beta) 0.9.9


  • Attention Required Panel
  • Registration Management Panel
  • Updated Calendar events
  • Adopt Signature
  • Documents – Send to Previous Employer Feature
  • DOT Biennial Update – Auto-Generate Easy view
  • Authorize.NET secure payment portal
  • Ticket Support update
  • Shortcuts Quick Selection Guide


  • Improved Document Fill & Sign system 
  • Improved UI/UX features

Known Issues

  • Android App Functions
  • iOS Connect Issue
  • Adopt Signature Save