CA Number Filing - CA Motor Carrier Permit

CA Number Filing

California requires that all commercial motor vehicles with a GVW of over 10,000 pounds obtain a California Motor Vehicle Permit Number and display the number (known as a CA number) in permanent lettering on the vehicle. You must have a CA number in order to obtain a CA Motor Carrier Permit.

CA Motor Carrier Permit

Drivers who transport property, operate large commercial vehicles, transport hazardous materials, or operate vehicles requiring a commercial driver’s license need a motor carrier permit (MCP) as evidence they have registered their California Carrier Identification number (CA#) with DMV.

The following types of drivers and/or vehicle operation require an MCP:

  • Any person or business entity that is paid to transport property in their motor vehicle regardless of vehicle size, type, or weight.
    • Entities that transport property for compensation are deemed a ‘for-hire’ motor carrier.
    • If you are a courier service and your vehicle is a motorcycle, you are required to have an MCP.
  • Generally, any person or business entity operating a commercial vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,001 pounds or more.
    • This includes commercial and private use.
    • Entities operating vehicles hauling personal goods or property are deemed a ‘private’ motor carrier.
  • Operators of any vehicle or a combination of vehicles transporting hazardous materials.
  • Operators of a combination of a motor truck and trailer, semitrailers, pole or pipe dollies, auxiliary dollies, and logging dollies, that exceed 40 ft in length when coupled together.
  • Operators of any motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicle and trailer for which the operation requires a commercial driver’s license.

*Operators pulling camp trailers, utility trailers, and trailer coaches do not need an MCP.

What are the liability insurance requirements to obtain a permit?

Levels of liability insurance vary from $300,000 to $5,000,000 combined single-limit coverage depending on the type of vehicles and the property transported. Proof of insurance must be submitted on one of the following forms (CVC34631, CCR 220.06):

  • Certificate of Insurance (DMV 65 MCP)
  • Surety Bond (DMV 55 MCP)
  • Certificate of Self-Insurance (DMV 131 MCP)