IRP Account Registration

Under the IRP, interstate carriers must file an application with the state where they are based. The base state issues registration documents for each vehicle.

Only one (1) license plate (or set of plates) and one (1) cab card are issued for each commercial vehicle. The apportioned license plate, sticker, and cab card are registration documents that are needed to operate on an interstate basis in member states.

IRP is an agreement with all the states of the United States and the provinces of Canada. When you register a commercial truck, you have to pay fees in every state that truck runs through. The amount of fee you pay is based on the percentage of miles you operate in each state. IRP allows the carrier to submit a single application to a single base state for all jurisdictions for which the carrier operates. does not currently offer this as a service. But to complete yourself and to find information on your state’s registration information and requirements click here ( and enter the name of your base state.