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As an established National Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium and Motor Carrier Compliance Company we know what companies such as yourselves are up against when it comes to overall safety, DOT compliance, safety audits, paperwork management, time sensitive tasks, and let’s be honest the list can go on and on.

Over the last couple of years, we have felt this strong urge to see DOT compliance for our customers in a new way. In a rapidly growing economy with change and growth constantly knocking at the transportation industry’s doorstep, we saw the need for a shift in the direction for how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation’s are managed.

Our vision for the future of safety compliance involves three words SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, and SECURE. is our vision in tangible form. We are confident that any trucking company of any capacity will find value in this software and the countless benefits that it will provide for your ever-growing successful business.

In this exchange we hope to work together in bridging any gaps presented through lack of available or affordable technology which can ensure our roadways are safer for all people. Let’s all commit to implementing and maintaining Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation requirements to ensure safety and accountability across the industry.

Thank you for all that you do. We wish you the most success with your business.

-The Team