Account Types

During Registration of, there are 2 account types to select from. Each account type serves different purposes depending on the business type and needs of registered users. We have provided information to assure the type selected will meet your needs.

This option is for Businesses that employ and manage drivers and will enroll employees into the Consortium but not themselves. User roles can be added including; Drivers, a DOT Supervisor, and Company DER (Designated Employee Representative). Drivers can be enrolled into the Consortium and sent Documents for completion, the primary account cannot.                                                                                              Note: *If there is no “Company DER” role added to the account, than the primary account is the “Company DER” for Consortium enrollment.

This option is for Single or Team drivers that will enter themselves into the Consortium. With this option the primary account can be enrolled into the Consortium, as well as complete documents. This option is best suited for owner operators or team drivers.                                        Note: *If the primary user is the only one on the account, than is the “Company DER” for the primary user. *If there is a team driver or secondary user added to the account, that user can be set as the “Company DER” in the Consortium.